Herrera CEO Important Message

Please see the following message from Dr. Herrera:
Posted on 05/15/2019
Please see the following message from Dr. Herrera:

Due to the termination of the Cooperative Agreement there is a great deal of uncertainty regarding the future partnership between the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), Michigan Department of Treasury (MDT) and Benton Harbor Areas Schools (BHAS).  Serving as superintendent, I will likely be facing significant changes in my role as well as changes in parameters, supports and expectations for BHAS as required by MDE and MDT.  Considering the dramatically changing landscape and lack of clear guidance, I have recently chosen to pursue other career opportunities. I will keep the Board and school community informed of any potential changes in my employment in a timely manner.      
The only thing that I feel is appropriate to add to my prior comments would be my apology to the Board of Education members that were surprised by the news.  In April, I believed I was following appropriate channels of communication by informing the Boards Legal Counsel of my decision to seek employment outside the district and that I was willing to discuss transition plans and timelines.  At that time, I also informed the School Reform Officer and encouraged him to assist with the development of a transition plan for the Boards return and my potential departure.  Based on those communications I assumed the Board of Education was fully informed.  

Dr. Robert Herrera