Water Testing Results Update

Water Testing Results Update
Posted on 11/15/2018

Please see the following message from Dr. Herrera regarding water testing results:

November 15, 2018

Dear Benton Harbor Area Schools Parents/Guardians:

BHAS continues to be committed to ensuring our students and staff have access to safe drinking water. Recently we contracted with the  Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) to sample water at over 135 locations throughout the District. Two sample draws were taken at each location District-wide.  Of the 135 locations tested, only five fixtures exceeded the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) action level.

The EPA’s mandated water standard action level is 15 parts per billion (ppb). Due to our commitment to providing safe drinking water for our students and staff, we opted to exceed the EPA’s water standard. The District has adopted the voluntary water standard recommended by MDEQ of 5 ppb. To give the community a frame of reference, this means Benton Harbor Area Schools is meeting the bottled water standard.

Once the water test results were received, Benton Harbor Area Schools staff immediately turned off any fixtures that tested at or above the 5 ppb action level, which fortunately did not include any fixtures used primarily for water consumption. Therefore, please know that it is highly unlikely any students or staff members consumed water that contained contaminants.  The District has taken the following additional corrective action at the affected locations:

  • Test results indicated one fixture at S.T.E.A.M Academy at MLK, two fixtures at Benton Harbor High School, and one at the Charles Grey Teen Center (Recreation Center), and one fixture in the Cosmetology Center, reported at or above the 5 ppb action level. The results showed the elevated readings were not due to the building plumbing systems but were directly associated with the fixture sampled. BHAS will immediately replace the identified fixtures and retest the locations after replacement.

  • One water fountain at the Charles Grey Teen Center and one water fountain at the Cosmetology Center tested above the 5 ppb action level. BHAS have turned off the fountains and they will be replaced shortly and then retested after replacement.

  • A total of 25 fixtures tested above the 5 ppb action level. All fixtures have been disabled and will be turned on and retested once the fixtures are replaced. For a complete list of the fixtures visit our website at

How Can I Learn More?

You can see a copy of all water testing results for each school building at the school district’s Central Administration Office, and on our website at  For more information about water quality in our schools, please contact Troy Boone, Chief Operations Officer, at (269) 605-1000.  For general information about water quality and sampling for lead at home, you may contact your local water supplier or visit the Michigan DEQ website at


Dr. Robert Herrera


Results Nov2018 City Schools.xlsx